Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Neturei Karta: not Jews in any real sense

As anybody who has ever witnessed an anti-Israel demonstration (such as the Al Quds march last Sunday) will know Neturei Karta are the 'Jews' who are the obligatory stars always placed at the front. They provide the ideal cover for the other demonstrators to spew as much antisemitic hatred as they wish.  Some people have argued that they cannot possibly be 'real' Jews because they not only call for the destruction of the State of Israel, but also praise terrorists who murder Jewish children. But what people are less aware of is that their 'ultra-orthadox Judiasm' is actually something of a scam. Evidence of this is their attendance at demonstrations that take place on Shabbat. As I reported here I witnessed them a few years back at one such demo at Trafalgar Square. Moreover, they were carrying banners. When I had the opportunity at a subsequent demo, I asked their leader how this was consistent with their claim of Torah observance. He gave a truly remarkable response. He said they were allowed to carry banners in ‘that special place’ on Shabbat. I therefore do not believe these guys are real Jews in any sense.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

BBC News yet again casts Palestinian terrorists as victims

Here is a screenshot of the BBC tweet:

And remember that the families of those three terrorists will now become wealthy from payments made by the Palestinian Authority funded by western taxpayers.

Also when the media updates its 'death scorecards' to prove that Israelis are the real aggressors this one will add three Palestinian civilian deaths to one Israeli military death.

p.s. Of course the story only appears on the BBC Middle East News online. It has otherwise been more or less completely ignored outside of Israel.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

East London Police ignore death threats made by Muslim extremists against Muslims who vote

With the UK election on Thursday and the ongoing news of police failure to take threats from Muslim extremists seriously (leading to the terrorist attacks we have seen) I reproduce a highly relevant post below from just before the 2010 UK election. The friend wrote two formal letters to the Police about it and never got any reply. He says this Madrassa is more active than ever (some recent photos outside it are provided).

Muslim Threats in East London

A friend of mine was handed this leaflet (click to enlarge) by a young man in traditional Muslim dress outside a mosque/madrassa in the Mile End Road near Stepney Green station.

The leaflet states that the crime of “Shirk” (when Muslims dishonour Allah) is “the worst crime that anybody can commit” … and states that it is worse than “rape and murder”.

Hence, what makes this leaflet so threatening is the text printed in bold near the bottom, which warns Muslims against voting in the forthcoming elections; it says

“voting in the elections (manmade law system) is a form of shirk and will negate ones islam”.

Since the Koran mandates that the crime of Shirk is punishable by death according to the most eminent Muslim scholars this is clearly a death threat against Muslims who dare vote.

My friend has passed the leaflet on to the local Police. Since it contains a telephone number and email address there is not really much excuse for them not to follow up on this. But then again, since the Police have been infiltrated by an Islamist/Khomaneist grouping I would not hold out too much hope.

Scenes outside the Madrassa:

UK terrorism strategy: soft on Jihadists, hard on those who expose them

And remember that the Prevent Programme - which was supposed to 'prevent radicalisation' has also been used to hound those who speak out about the threat of Islam, and has focused on the mythical threat 'right-wing terrorists'. Note this on twitter today from Richard Delingpole.

And this (see full article):

And now this (which can only mean people who insult Islam):

The brilliant David Wood cuts through the bullshit here:

D-Day: then and now

Monday, June 05, 2017

Just a typical scene on a walk through London

Walking through Central London this afternoon (just off Oxford Street) I head loud screams of Allah Akbar. Just outside the Maroush Lebanese restaurant I saw a lot of police and two Arabic looking guys being arrested. Here is one on the floor. He was screaming Allah Akbar when he wasn't threatening violence and cursing the police:

Just the new normal for London.